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Welcome to Gingezel! This site focuses on our art, fashion, and decor.

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Don is a photographer with an eye for the beauty of the prairies, nature, and suburb living.
sample of art by Don Hall at Gingezel

Judi is a digital artist who started out with generative art (fractals and chaos theory), evolved to 3D art, and is now very eclectic.
Fractal 79 in purple and black by Judi Suni Hall at Fine Art America

There are so many high quality products we can put our art and design on that it is dizzying. We do a lot of Women's Fashion ….Women's Black Plus Color Collection by Gingezel at ArtsAdd

and some Men's Fashion ranging from the usual t-shirts to bomber jackets …
Dramatic Black Fractal bomber jacket for men by Gingezel at ArtsAdd

a lot of Decor products.
A living room decorated in Gingezel Hardwood Hill designs.

and when there is interesting other "stuff" we put designs on it too. That ranges from gift wrap to a lot of tech stuff:
Giftwrap by Gingezel
A keyboard with a gingezel abstract at Zazzle.

Gingezel has other facets on other sites. Our offsite pages under About will take you there, or use these links: has our novels
gingezelfabric,com focuses on surface design at Spoonflower and Roostery. has ceramic tile through Zazzle is a mindscapes site, just poetry and relaxing art, not a commercial focus continues the first mindscapes site that just became too large.

We hope you enjoy browsing around.

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