Where our art has found its way to

Gingezel Art Clientele

We are so honored to have been chosen to enhance these living spaces around the globe. Usually we have no way to know if these are private or corporate collections. However we know our art is being enjoyed in these places, and often there are multiple sales to a city.


Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Foremost, Alberta
Lethbridge, Alberta
Vancouver, British Columbia
Regina, Saskatchewan


Helsinki, Finland
Den Haag, Netherlands
Birmingham, UK
Caine, UK


Fairfax, California
Lancaster, California
Menlo Park, California
Poway, California
North Haven, Connecticut
Atlanta, Georgia
Crofton, Maryland
Wakefield, Massachusetts
Woburn, Massachusetts
Branson West, Missouri
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
Hillsborough, New Jersey
Andover, New York
North Bend, Oregon
Palm Beach, Florida
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Rutland, Vermont

If because of the anonymity of sales often we don’t even know where a piece of art went it is not included here.

Last updated July 2017

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