Gingezel Berry Fashion Collection
A sample of our designs for your fashion inspiration.

The Berry Garden Collection brings together the luscious shades of summer berries in a range of sophisticated designs. The collection started out raspberry and blueberry, then we started adding sorbet shades. Some of the moods are casual, meant to be paired with jeans or cords. Others are very elegant.
Gingezel Berry Sweatshirt at PAOM. Image courtesy of PAOM.
This abstract brushwork on berry sweatshirt is available at PAOM.
Berry Fractal tote bag at Gingezel Prints. Image courtesy of Fine Art America.
The tote bag above has a purple and pink fractal that looks like a cluster of daisy like flowers.
Gingezel elegant Berry Fractal slip dress at PAOM. Image courtesy of PAOM
This beautiful complex diagonal stripe is based on a circle fractal giving the glowing berry colored disks. It makes an elegant slip dress.
Gingezel Berry baseball hat at PAOM
Sometimes soft and classic is best. This Berry Plaid baseball hats has 5 panels. PAOM says they are polyester with a cotton liner.
Gingezel V neck t shirts at Society 6. Image courtesy of Society 6.
We have fun cutting images of art into interesting shapes and putting them on t shirts at Society 6. The charcoal one above has a berry colored fractal cut into bands and circles on a heathered charcoal v neck t.
Gingezel berry abstract painting neoprene clutch PAOM
Here is the same brushwork as the sweatshirt on a clutch.
Berry Garden Fashion Collection from Gingezel. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
The surreal image above shows a young woman in mix and match coordinates sewn from Gingezel Fabric. Her t shirt and the accessories are at Zazzle. (The flip flops are currently unavailable because Zazzle shifted suppliers and we haven't redone them yet).
Berry Stripes printed all over t shirt by Gingezel at Society 6. Image courtesy of Society 6.
This t shirt has vibrant stripes in a berry pink and blue. It is printed by transfer by Society 6 to a t shirt, not cut and sew.
Gingezel Fabric Berry Garden Collection fabtic. A blouse in the digital ditzy floral.
The 3D model above is wearing a draped t top in our digital floral fabric. If you don't sew, below shows the same design with the bright berry flowers on a long sleeved top at PAOM.
Gingezel long sleeve top with berry digital floral. image courtesy of PAOM
PAOM needs an image that does these tops justice! They are a lovely basic for your wardrobe.
The Gingezel Berry Garden fabric collection mixes soft and crisp. Some fabrics are dreamy, others meant to be paired with jeans. You can use them for your own projects, or at Sprout Patterns with our designs. The collection is large enough it is broken into three at Spoonflower. Berry Garden 1 is mostly raspberry and blueberry. Berry Garden 2 has more white. Berry Garden Sorbet is soft tones.
Stack of fabric from the Gingezel Berry Garden Collection.

Gingezel™ fine art, designer fashion, accessories, and decorator decor created in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and available worldwide through our fulfillment providers Fine Art America, ImageKind, Society 6, PAOM (Print All Over Me), Spoonflower, Zazzle, and Art of Where.

Art Prints

Images of PAOM products courtesy of PAOM. Images of Zazzle products courtesy of Zazzle. Images of Fine Art America products courtesy of FAA. Photography by Donald S. Hall. Art images courtesy of Fine Art America. Room simulations done in DAZ 3D.

All designs © Gingezel™ Inc.