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Wallets ~ Zazzle
March 2017. Okay, Zazzle has messed up the search. In the hopes this is a temporary glitch, we've left it as it. Until it works though, you will have to go to our home page once you are there and hunt. Sorry!
Gingezel Photo of Zazzle Wallet
Okay, Zazzle is playing games again and the search is wonky. This particular wallet doesn't show unless you go into the men's and the brown classics collection. But it does exist and shows you what the wallets are like. There is a printed front and a nice leather rest of the wallet, or a choice of less expensive materials.
Product Review Zazzle wallet. Don is the one who uses a wallet from Zazzle every day. It has held up well for over a year, and he says it works well. Easy to get things in and out of the pockets, etc. It has worn well. There is one thing you should note. The printed front is sewn on, not an integral part of the rest of the wallet. Disclaimer: We sell our designs on these, so we want you to buy them, but we try to be honest.

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