Gingezel™ Fashion For Her: Jewelry
Styles: Key Rings, Lapel Pins, Necklaces, Pendants, Wrist watches
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Necklaces ~ Zazzle
Necklaces for Her at Gingezel. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
These necklaces at Zazzle are pendants on a chain, and there is a choice of size, shape, and metal finish. Shown above is an apricot and mango fractal in a gold tone frame, and a vibrant blue green orange abstract in silver.
Product Review Zazzle Pendant Necklaces
Since I have made bead necklaces for decades, of course I had to order the first pendant I designed at Zazzle to check the quality. It was better than I expected by the digital images, well finished with a nice chain. Even though I should know better I had the image size wrong in my head. They are tiny, dainty and well printed. You certainly would be proud to give one as a gift. Disclaimer: I sell designs on these. But I try to be honest in reviews.

Watches ~ Zazzle
Gingezel wrist watches at Zazzle. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
Shown above is a blue green bubble fractal in a completely abstract format, for those of you who can tell the time without numbers. Beside it is a white on black 12 sided geometric, so the points of the pretty flower are the hours. Below is a photo of my watch from Zazzle, along with a bead necklace ~ I've beaded for decades. It's an addictive and relaxing hobby! That was an aside. You can choose the watch style to put the art on.
Product review Zazzle Wrist Watch The watch has an upper end look and feel. It is fashionably heavy and large. It keeps good time. After giving it a good try, I decided I'm not fashionable and went back to my old watch. But then I've never liked the weight of a bunch of bangles or a heavy cuff on my wrist either. So, they are a good watch to buy if you like that style. Disclaimer: I sell designs on these. But I try to be honest in reviews.
Photograph of a Gingezel pattern wrist watch at Zazzle.

Key Rings ~ Zazzle
Keyrings for her by Gingezel. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
These key rings are sort of where you start putting designs at POD sites, and are where the sites were 6 years ago. Has the range of products available expanded!

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