Gingezel™ Decor ~ Share the Joy of Creating Beauty!™
designs by Canadian artists Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall

Gingezel Decor is inspired by the synergy between mathematics and nature. We are continually exploring that interface when art and function merge. The resulting contemporary designs are both beautiful and unique. We hope we can give you decor inspiration. Overall shopping links are to the left. More detailed links are available as you explore.
Thumbnail Black Neutral Decor Gingezel
We search print on demand sites for good quality useful items, then try to create the art and design that will move them from basics to art for your home.
Sometimes the results are dramatic, as in the bedroom simulation above for the Black Plus Neutrals collection. Sometimes they are relaxed and cozy as in the living room simulation below.
Gingezel For Your Home Collection at Zazzle. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
Always we try to create classics that will stand the test of time, and try to provide a wide range of styles and colors so you can create your own mood, not have to follow trends. So it was a surprise and an unexpected honor when one of our designs was featured in a collection at the UK Trend Bible. That is pretty much as high an honor as designers can get. That hasn't changed our approach though. We are still trying to create classics although we wouldn't mind being the ones to create a few trends.

You can browse by product or collection. Our work is always in flux, the collections all ongoing.

What and Where section lists the products by alphabetical order and has an image of the product. When we have used it ourselves there is also a photo of the product and a candid description of what we thought of it . Yes we want you to shop Gingezel, but above that we want you to be happy with any purchase. Then there is an offsite page to where you can buy that product.
For example, here is a photo of the cheese board.
Gingezel designer cheese board shown open.
In the Decor Collections section, we have room simulations to give you decor ideas. Judi does the simulations in DAZ, and is working hard to improve the reality. However she does not guarantee she always gets the exact scale for patterns or art, so take the rooms as inspirational, not as accurate as a photo would be. We also have images of enough products to give you a feel for the collection. Off site pages take you to the full collections.
Gray Zones decor by Gingezel
Above is one of Judi's better efforts at a room simulation, a living room decorated with various items from the Gray Zones Collection. Below is an example of a bedspread and coordinating throw pillow from the Gingezel Beige Standard Collection.
Gingezel beige abstract duvet cover with coordinating throw pillow. Images courtesy of FAA.

You will find links to a range of print on demand providers. Here is a comparison of some of them:
ArtsAdd We are still exploring the amazing range of products they carry. We have tested a few, and they exceeded our expectations - upper end boutique quality. They seem to be Chinese and ship from there - not sure.
~ Gingezel Prints. Fine Art America encourages artist there to have their own websites powered by Fine Art America. That is what we did. It lets us create our own brand image, but the commerce is handled by Fine Art America and you get their full guarantee. And of course they make the products. They are slowly adding decor products that they feel are compatible with being one of the leading sources of fine art. They are expanding production outside the US to several countries including Canada.
Roostery is exciting for us as they are an extension of Spoonflower. So that means that all of our over 1200 designs are available on their home decor products. We have used and tested them, and gifted them. They do a good job. US manufacture.
~ Society 6 has a mixture of art and decor products. They don't add a product until they are sure it is excellent. They try hard to be a site with attitude. ~ Spoonflower has established itself as the place to go for indie fabric and wallpaper. They are in the process of expanding production from the US to Germany.
PAOM ( Print All Over Me) is a relative newcomer to the print on demand business. To date their focus is fashion, and they only have a few decor products. However what we have seen from their Chinese factory is excellent, equal to or above store quality.
Zazzle. Zazzle has an amazing range of product and adds new ones every week, so it is fun to find products there to design on. Some are generic and manufactured by them. Some are in collaboration with well known name brands like Igloo coolers or Avery Binders. Zazzle tends to be a bit restless, and to occasionally have supply problems. So we apologize if you find a product "Temporarily Unavailable". We never know if it will come back, or is discontinued.

Gingezel fine art, designer fashion, accessories, and decorator decor created in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. All designs © Gingezel™ Inc. Gingezel™ designs and art are available worldwide through our fulfillment providers Art of Where, Fine Art America, Print All Over Me, Society 6, and Spoonflower. Zazzle images courtesy of Zazzle.

Images of Society 6 products courtesy of Society 6. Images of Print All Over Me products courtesty of PAOM. Images Fine Art America art and products courtesy of FAA. Images of Art of Where products courtesy of Art of Where. Wallpaper images courtesy of Spoonflower. Room and model simulations done in DAZ 3D. Photography by Donald S. Hall.