Gingezel Decor: Coasters and Trivets
March 2017. Okay, the messed up Zazzle search only takes you to the sandstone coasters. To find the rest you will have to go to our home and hunt. Sorry!

Hard plastic with cork back or sandstone. These are the classic to put art and design on. We like both of the materials we have put our design on, and use them in our home.
Designer Coasters by Gingezel. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
Product Review Plastic Cork Backed Coasters at Zazzle:
We like these coasters in that they print well, are easy to clean, and hold up well. You can see a photo below. The cork backing means no scratches. The drawback is that they are not absorbent, so the coaster can stick to a glass on a humid day, or if there is a spill. Disclaimer: We sell our designs on these, but we try to give honest reviews.
Gingezel Brown design on a cork backed hard plastic coaster from Zazzle.

Product Review Sandstone Cork Backed Coasters at Zazzle:
These sandstone coasters are absorbent and the printing has held up much better than we expected for stone. The one in the photo below has been used daily for years to hold a large glass water pitcher, and it still looks great. A cork backing protects your surfaces. To state the obvious we put our designs on these and hope you will buy them, but we try to be honest in our reviews. We want you to be happy.

Gingezel art on a sandstone coaster at Zazzle.
~ all of our tiles at Zazzle can be framed in wood. Please see the Ceramic Tile page.
Product Review Trivets or Framed Ceramic Tile at Zazzle:
These framed tiles make an excellent trivet. We have had them on our dining table for years where they are used twice a day and they hold up well. Disclaimer: We sell our designs on these, but we try to give honest reviews.

Deco Circle Purple and Gray Abstract designer ceramic tile trivet by Gingezel.

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