Gingezel Berry Garden Decor Lookbook
A sample of our designs for your decor inspiration

The Berry Garden Collection brings together the luscious shades of summer berries in a range of sophisticated designs. Initially this collection was in intense shades of raspberry and blueberry with white or black accents. It has evolved to include softer sorbet shades, and a wider range of red tones.
Modern Living room decorated in Berry Garden decor by Gingezel
In this living room simulation berry shades are used as the only color in a modern black and white decor. The striped accessories are available at Zazzle where we have a range of Berry Garden products. The photographic print of a Lethbridge Underpass by Don is at Gingezel Prints (FAA).Fractal 104 a berry circle fractal by Gingezel. Image courtesy of Fine Art America.

Fractal 104 is a circle based fractal in glowing berry shades agains a black background. Available at FAA.

Abstract 344 Berry Shower Curtain by Gingezel. Image courtesy of Society 6.

This striking Abstract 344 shower curtain shower curtain at Society 6 keeps the dramatic black but mixes in a wider range of berry sorbet shades. The generative art design with circles, triangles, and glowing metallic effects is based on an appolonian gasket mathematical structure.
Portrait in Berry 2 by Gingezel is a contemporary portrait with pop art influences. Image courtesy of FAA.
Portrait in Berry 2 by Gingezel is a contemporary portrait with pop art influences. The portrait of a woman done in berry blue is mirrored, fragmented, and enclosed in linked circles. The background of intense berry pink creates the contemporary mood. Available at Gingezel Prints (FAA).

Gingezel Berry Circles Duvet cover. Image courtesy of Society 6

The modern art Berry Circles Abstract Duvet Cover at Society 6 mixes blueberry and raspberry with white and cream.The design is also available as a shower curtain and a throw pillow. The look is very crisp and clean and would go well with a decor with strong graphic art influences.
And yes, there are berries:
Sophisticated Berry Patttern designer duvet cover by Gingezel. Image courtesy of Society 6.
The Sophisticated Berry Pattern designer duvet cover by Gingezel is available at Society 6 as a duvet cover, shower curtain, rug, and throw pillow.
If you are a quilter, you will like this bedroom simulation with the patterned quilt contrasting with striped pillow cases.
Gingezel Berry Garden Decor Collection. Some product images courtesy of Zazzle.
The wall art, Abstract 427 is available in our Berry Garden collection. at Society 6.
Fractured Portrait in Berry by Gingezel at Society 6. Image courtesy of Society 6
The mug above has a very artistic portrait of a woman that has been fragmented and duplicated. She is in shimmering blueberry on a raspberry sorbet background.
This ceramic tile below has a cheerful country cottage mood with the contrast of deep berry red and sorbet pink. It is designed to give an overall pattern.
Berry Red Geometric Ceramic tile by Gingezel.
Note that there is a subtle variation in the repeat where the tiles join. This allows for an overall repeat effect but makes the easier to align laying them.
Berry Geometric ceramic tile by Gingezel that repeats across a wall. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.

This stack of fabric shows the rich shades in the Berry Garden Collection,
Stack of fabric from the Gingezel Berry Garden Collection
The top is a rich raspberry sorbet pixel style geometric, the next a tone on tone pattern of assorted berries, middle is a retro squares and dots geometric in blueberry and raspberry, and finally the black and raspberry stripe shown in the room simulation at the top of the page. The stack is sitting on a berry toned fractal.
To access wallpaper at Spoonflower within collections, use the fabric collection, select the design you want, and it will say 'also available as wallpaper'. Click through and you will get a room simulation like this that accurately shows the scale of the wallpaper.
Berry Pink Harlequin designer wallpaper by Gingezel. Room picture compliments of Spoonflower.
This wallpaper is Berry Pink Harlequin in the sorbet collection. It works especially well with a gray decor.

Gingezel fine art, designer fashion, accessories, and decorator decor are created in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada by Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall. They are available worldwide through our fulfillment providers Fine Art America, Society 6, ImageKind, PAOM, Zazzle and Spoonflower.

Images of Zazzle products courtesy of Zazzle. Images of Society 6 products courtesy of Society 6. Images of Print All Over Me products courtesy of PAOM. Images Fine Art America art and products courtesy of FAA. Wallpaper images courtesy of Spoonflower. Room and model simulations done in DAZ 3D. Photography by Donald S. Hall.