Gingezel Decor: Fabric

Spoonflower has a wide range of fabrics that are suitable for decor accents like pillows, quilting projects, curtains, and upholstery.
Fabric in the Gingezel Ocean Villa Collection, beige fabric, brown fabric
Over the years we have invested a lot of time designing and testing fabric, to the point where Gingezel Fabric now has over 1000 designs for you to choose from at Spoonflower. The photo above is of our very first collection, Ocean Villa.
Photo of a Gingezel fabric test print
Every fabric we have at Spoonflower is test printed. The photo above shows a test print draped on our couch. Once the test prints get here, we check each one against the digital file to make sure it is accurate and we like it. Every test print like the one above gets a few crossed off because we simply don't like them once we see them printed.
Cornflowers and Pinks Abstract fabric from the Gingezel Garden Window Collection
Initially we photographed each fabric laying flat, then in a stack with the coordinating fabric. It took us a couple months to figure out how to get those stacks so you could see the fabric all at once. (We ended up wrapping the test swatches around t shirts).
Second stack of fabric Peach Apricot Mango Collection from Gingezel™ Fabric
But as the number of fabrics reached hundreds we simply could not keep up. We keep at it, but sporadically. Also although the photos are interesting and comforting to you as the customer, they became less meaningful as the range of fabrics expanded. Each fabric "grabs" the ink differently, and also reacts slightly differently to the inks. You can see that in the photos below. The top is quilting cotton, the bottom performance knit. They were photographed at the same time.
Bluegreen Oval Mosaic Fabric by Gingezel Fabric. Photograph by Donald S Hall.
Bluegreen Oval Mosaic Fabric by Gingezel Fabric printed on performance knit. Photograph by Donald S Hall.
Spoonflower is a company that really cares about quality, and they have dealt with this through an inexpensive swatching service. We recommend you use it to be sure you will be happy with your project.
Yardage of Gingezel fabric
We further test the fabric by sewing with it for projects around our own home, and using the results. We are definitely not experts, and have been thrilled with the successes.
Gingezel Fabrics Ocean Villa Beach Geometric as an accent cushion in organic cotton sateen.
Here is a throw pillow and curtains made from fabric in that first Ocean Villa Collection.
Cotton twill curtains made with Gingezel Fabric
Images of Society 6 products courtesy of Society 6. Images of Print All Over Me products courtesy of PAOM. Images Fine Art America art and products courtesy of FAA. Images of Zazzle products courtesy of Zazzle. Wallpaper images courtesy of Spoonflower. Room and model simulations done in DAZ 3D. Photography by Donald S. Hall.