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LAMPS ~ available at Zazzle.
March 2017. Okay, Zazzle has messed up the search. In the hopes this is a temporary glitch, we've left it as it. Until it works though, you will have to go to our home page once you are there and hunt. Sorry! The other products on this page are fine.
The lamps are available both as desk or side table lamps, tripod lamps, and hanging lamps. We are delighted that Zazzle has decided to also make it possible to only buy the shades. We have a range of lamp designs, some subtle, some bold. Most patterns are available on all styles. The available fabrics are polyester, rice paper, and linen. The trim color can be changed to suit your decor.
Gingezel designer hanging lampsl. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
The hanging lamps come with 2 ceiling hooks.
Gingezel designer table lamps. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
Product Review Desk or Table Lamp at Zazzle:
We have the table lamp. The small table lamps are cute little things with simple construction and materials. They are minimalist and move slightly into the industrial trend. Ours has held up well. You can get an idea of the scale from the mug and book. To state the obvious we put our designs on these and hope you will buy them, but we try to be honest in our reviews. We want you to be happy. BTW that is one of our scifi novels sitting on the table.
Gingezel brown designer lamp from the Ocean Villa Collection.
The table lamp with a pale brown stripe plus a mug and trivet are from the Ocean Villa Collection.

~ available at Zazzle. We are having fun with these, playing with pattern and color.
Designer Light Switch Covers by Gingezel. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.

~ available at Zazzle.
Designer Night Lights by Gingezel. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.

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