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Products: Melamine Plates, Porcelain Plates

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Gingezel designer melamine plates. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
Product Review Melamine Plates at Zazzle:
We love these melamine plates and use them most days. They are light weight and the printing had held up remarkably well to years of dishwasher washing. Disclaimer: We sell our designs on these, but we try to give honest reviews.

Art Mug and Floral Plate from the Gingezel Simply Black and White Tableware Collection
Art Mug and Floral Plate from the Gingezel Simply Black and White Tableware Collection

PORCELAIN PLATES ~ available at Zazzle.
Gingezel Ornamental Porcelain Plates. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
These are lovely as a collector decorative plate, and are food safe. However it is recommended that they have light use as they can scratch with a lot of cutting. They are great for salads, deserts, etc.
Product Review Porcelain Plates at Zazzle:
Below is a picture of salad plate we have. It is a beautiful plate, quite heavy. So far we have not had a scratching problem, but we have been careful in use. The tiger lily art is by Don and is at our Imagined by Gingezel store. To state the obvious we put our designs on these and hope you will buy them, but we try to be honest in our reviews. We want you to be happy.

Porcelain salad plate by Gingezel Classic with tiger lily art.

Platters - being designed.

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