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Porcelain soup and chili bowls with Gingezel designs. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
Product Review Chili Bowl or Mug at Zazzle:
Below is a photo of a chili bowl or mug from Zazzle. They are heavy good quality porcelain, straight sided and have a handle. They hold 14 oz. They are literally heavy to lift, have a substantial solid feel. If the 14 ounces doesn't give you a sense of size you can compare them to the trivet and salt and pepper. The mod broken stripe design in bright orange and green is from the Gingezel Summer Heat collection. To state the obvious we put our designs on these and hope you will buy them, but we try to be honest in our reviews. We want you to be happy.
Gingezel designer Chili Bowl.
Product Review Soup Bowl or Mug at Zazzle:
Below is a photo of the soup bowl or soup mug. They are a quality heavy porcelain, rounded, and have handles. They hold a generous 28 oz. Compare it to the photo of the chili bowl above, and you can see how much bigger it is. Reviewing the chili bowl I said it was literally heavy to lift, well this one is really heavy, substantial. The classic harlequin pattern on the soup bowl is from the Gingezel Summer Heat Collection. Disclaimer: We sell our designs on these, but we try to give honest reviews.

Gingezel Porcelain Designer Soup Bowl.
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