Gingezel Decor: Ceramic Tile

We have an entire store at Zazzle devoted to ceramic tile, and a Gingezel Tile website where the collections of patterned tiles and coordinated field tiles are grouped together.
Photo of Gray Spiral Ceramic tile from Gingezel TilePink Scilla Floral Abstract designer ceramic tile from Gingezel Tile
Above are photos of two tiles we test printed, one an elegant gray swirl, one an intense pink geometric. Below is a room simulation with with a combination of a beige swirl tile and coordinating beige field tile.
Kitchen decorated with the Gingezel Tile Beige Spirals ceramic tile. From Gingezel's the Beige Standard Collection.
Many of the tiles, like the charming retro berry geometric below are designed so that when used with narrow grout the pattern repeats across the wall.
Berry Red Geometric Ceramic tile by Gingezel.
Note that there is a subtle variation in the repeat where the tiles join. This allows for an overall repeat effect but makes the easier to align laying them.
Berry Geometric ceramic tile by Gingezel that repeats across a wall. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.
Product Review Ceramic Tile at Zazzle:
We have tested the Zazzle ceramic tiles extensively. They are high gloss giving a luxury look to the product. They are thin but durable. We could not break one standing on it with only the edges supported. Also we have had a test tile sitting outside through 3 years of Canadian winters and full summer sun. It has taken 3 years for the color to fade, and that happened sort of all of a sudden. Otherwise it has not degraded. In our opinion they are not suitable outdoors or for floors as they will scratch with pressure and a sharp object so could scratch with sand underfoot. (For the scratch test Don used his full strength with a sharp awl.) We also do not know if they would be strong enough for flooring since furniture would rest on it. The designs print vibrant, beautiful, and the printing by Zazzle has improved a lot over the past few years. But we do strongly recommend buying a no risk test tile before a project, as we have seen color shifts from the digital image.
Perhaps the best recommendation is that we have had a customer do an entire wall, then come back for more for another project. To state the obvious we put our designs on these and hope you will buy them, but we try to be honest in our reviews. We want you to be happy.

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Images of Society 6 products courtesy of Society 6. Images of Print All Over Me products courtesy of PAOM. Images Fine Art America art and products courtesy of FAA. Images of Zazzle products courtesy of Zazzle. Wallpaper images courtesy of Spoonflower. Room and model simulations done in DAZ 3D. Photography by Donald S. Hall.