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Gingezel Art features the digital art of Judi Suni Hall and the photography of Donald S. Hall
Patience Art Deco by Gingezel

Winter Trees digital aquarelle by Gingezel. Image courtesy of Fine Art America.
Judi and Don Joint Virtual Art Gallery Gingezel

At Gingezel Decor we are continually exploring that interface when art and function merge in carefully curated collections. Gingezel design has been featured in Trend Bible. Late winter, early spring is a good time for little decor freshen ups.

Gingezel cloth napkins at Zazzle. Beige and blue striped design from the Ocean Villa Collection.
Gingezel acrylic card or memo holder.
Our Peach Apricot Mango Collection anticipates the warm shades of spring.
Gingezel Peach Apricot Mango Decor Collection. Product images courtesy of Zazzle.

Gingezel Fashion collections are inspired by the synergy between mathematics and nature. Explore these contemporary classics.
Do you like a painted look?
Gingezel Berry Sweatshirt at PAOM. Image courtesy of PAOM.
Or Generative Art?
Gingezel raincoat for her at PAOM. Image courtesy of PAOM.

Gingezel Sci Fi has its own website. Visit it to get excerpts from our novels and to check out the cool sci fi art. And we're excited! Octagla 2 is out.Entry Page Art Gingezel SciFi.
Five * Review at Barnes and Noble for the Gingezel Series:
"EXCELLENT: This series is so riveting that I find myself getting less and less sleep every night. So many well meshed story lines that are all weaved together perfectly. The end of this book really snuck up on me. Thank goodness I already have book four." Our thanks to this unknown reader! We're glad you enjoyed the series.
Shebot and Friend Gingezel Science Fiction

Gingezel Mindscapes has two websites now. Join the thousands who find it a place where you can just relax for a while exploring the carefully edited poetry and art.
Ice Crystals Mid air a winter season haiga by Canadian poets Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. hall
Thumbnail Gingezel Mindscape a chill out site.

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