About Gingezel

A Retired Couple Having Fun

We created Gingezel years ago when we first started writing sci-fi. It was the name for a luxury planet we imagined, perfect for human habitation, respected, appreciated, and preserved. It was an escape, a sanctuary for our characters.

When we started doing various forms of art and design, we decided to incorporate under the name Gingezel Inc. As subpages you will find offsite pages to:
gingezelscifi.com has our novels
gingezelfabric,com focuses on surface design at Spoonflower and Roostery.
gingezeltile.com has ceramic tile through Zazzle
gingezel.net is a mindscapes site, just poetry and relaxing art, not a commercial focus
gingezelmindscapes2.net continues the first mindscapes site that just became too large.

As for who we are, we are Judi Suni Hall and Donald S. Hall. We are both PhD's in theoretical physics and have worked as a team since our undergrad years. Judi was severely disabled by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis years ago. When she recovered to the stage she could be out of bed some, she got into mathematical (generative) digital art. That has envolved into playing with pretty much any kind of digital art. She shared the virus and Don ended up disabled too. When he recovered enough to take anything on besides being caregiver to Judi who was still in rough shape, Don created Apps and More Software Design creating apps for Macs and iPhones. He's a photographer. Together we write and publish poetry and work out elaborate sci fi series.

Along the way we've collected a few awards and honors. The greatest honor is the people around the world who have chosen to use our designs in their daily life. Our art has found its way to collectors in over 30 cities. Our decor is in homes in over 50 cities. Our fashion is being worn in over 40 cities.

We had the exceptional honor of having fabric design included in the Trend Bible Home and Interiors Trend Book for autumn/winter 2014/2015. If you are not familiar with
Trend Bible, UK we recommend you explore it.
The Gingezel pink dot fabric included in a Trend Bible
Badge provided by Trend Bible

One of Judi's 3D fractals, Other Garden, was among the finalists in the University of Lethbridge Prized Pixels Competition by the New Media department in 2013. It was exhibited at the University and there was an awards gala. We could not attend either but a friend represented us.
Finalist in Prized Pixels, the fractal Other Garden by Gingezel

It was a pleasure to supply a number of limited edition silk scarves to celebrity auctions for Calgary's Carma House which supports cancer survivors.

A silk shawl by Gingezel used at a celebrity private auction

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